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China Eucalypt Research Centre (CERC), which is directly subordinate to Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), is China’s national institute for eucalypt research. The responsibility of CERC is to organize and consolidate eucalypt research in China and publicize research results. Since its establishment in 1987, CERC has completed many national key projects, international cooperation projects and provincial projects. It has become the most professional, largest and most important eucalypt research institute in China.

CERC currently has 37 professional staff, including 3 research professors, 10 associate research professors and 13 senior engineers. Its research programs cover tree breeding, silviculture, nursery techniques, wood processing, vegetative propagation, ecology and forest protection. The centre has 4 main laboratories: Breeding & Genetics; Forest Protection; Physiology & Ecology; and, Soil & Foliage Analytical Services.

Major research outputs from CERC have included the development of commercial eucalypt clones “Xin’an No.1” and “Xin’an No.2”, which are among the best of our EC series of commercial Eucalyptus clones.


South China Experiment Nursery (SCEN) was established by Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) in 2003. The total area of SCEN is 200 hectares with more than 8,000 square meters construction area. Its greenhouses and shade houses, which were imported from France, cover 30,000 square meters. SCEN also has advanced world level automated production line equipment imported from Sweden, which is used for seed sowing, setting stem cuttings and loading media into growing cells. Its Seed and Seedling Test Centre has first-class domestically produced equipment.

The Annual production capacity of SCEN is 58.6 million high-quality nursery stocks (pieces), 10 million tissue culture seedlings and 7030 kg of seeds. The main species include forest plantation species, excellent broad-leaved forest trees, trees for non-wood forest products, flowers, and shelterbelt trees. 


The China Eucalypt Technical Committee is affiliated with CERC and the scientific journal ‘Eucalypt Science and Technology’ published by this Committee is managed by CERC.

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