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CERC was founded through an international co-operative project ‘China Eucalypt Center’ involving China’s former Ministry of Forestry and the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau (AIDAB – which has since changed its name to AusAID). The establishment of the Centre was first approved by the State Forestry Department’s Technology Division in May 1987, in order to continue and promote the achievements of ‘Guangxi Dongmen Project’ (1981-1988).

CERC started operation in full soon after key infrastructure was completed in 1992. In January 1995 it became a sub-unit of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, with some assistance from the former Ministry of Forestry.


The establishment of the South China Experimental Nursery (SCEN) in Zhanjiang, under the direction of Chinese Academy of Forestry ,was approved by China State Planning Commission in 1999 and its construction was completed in 2003. In September 2004, SCEN became a unit under the management of the CERC.

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