IUFRO Eucalypt Conference 2015 - Organization

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Conference Organization

  • Hosts
  • Chinese Society of Forestry

    Chinese Academy of Forestry

  • Organizers

  • Eucalypt Branch, Chinese Society of Forestry

    China Eucalypt Research Centre

  • Organizing Committee
  • Mr Zhao Shucong – Chairman

    Director of State Forestry Administration, President of Chinese Society of Forestry

    Beijing, China


    Mr Chen Xingliang – Executive Chairman

    Vice-President and Secretary-General, Chinese Society of Forestry

    Beijing, China


    Mr Shen Gui – Executive Vice-Chairman

    Vice Secretary – General, Chinese Society of Forestry

    Beijing, China


    Mr Liu Shirong – Executive Vice-Chairman

    Vice President, Chinese Academy of Forestry

    Beijing , China


    Prof Xie Yaojian – Executive Vice-Chairman

    President, Eucalypt Branch, Chinese Society of Forestry

    C/- China Eucalypt Research Center – Chinese Academy of Forestry
    Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524022, China. E-mail: cercxieyj@163.com



    Mr He Xin

    Vice Mayor , Zhanjiang Municipal Government

    Zhanjiang, Guangdong,China


    Prof Xu Daping

    Director, Research Institute of Tropical Forestry – Chinese Academy of Forestry

    Longdong, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. E-mail: gzfsrd@163.com



    Ms Guan Xiuling

    Director, International Department, Chinese Society of Forestry

    Beijing, China. E-mail:guanxiuling@sina.com



    Mr Lu Wenming

    Head of International Cooperation Division, Chinese Academy of Forestry

    Beijing 100091, China



    Prof Xiang Dongyun

    Deputy-Director, Guangxi Forestry Research Institute

    Nanning, Guangxi 530002, China. E-mail: xiang_dongyun@aliyun.com



    Dr Wei Runpeng

    Co-ordinator – IUFRO Working Group 2.08.03

    Hong Kong. E-mail: weirunpeng@yahoo.com.hk



    Mr Stephen Midgley

    Salwood Asia Pacific - Services in Forestry
    Farrer, ACT 2607, Australia. E-mail: stephen.midgley@salwood.com


    Dr Huang Wending

    APP China Forestry

    Hainan, China. E-mail: wending_huang@acf.com.cn

  • Conference Secretariat
  • Prof Xie Yaojian – Secretary-general

    President, Eucalypt Branch, Chinese Society of Forestry

    China Eucalypt Research Center – Chinese Academy of Forestry
    Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524022, China

    E-mail: cercxieyj@163.com

    Prof Chen Shaoxiong – Executive Vice-Secretary-general

    China Eucalypt Research Center – Chinese Academy of Forestry
    Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524022, China

    E-mail: sxchen01@163.com

    Dr Roger Arnold – Vice-Secretary-general

    China Eucalypt Research Center – Chinese Academy of Forestry

    Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524022, China

    E-mail: roger.arnold@y7mail.com

    Mr Cai Junxin

    Deputy Director,

    Forestry Bureau of Zhanjiang

    Zhanjiang,Guangdong, China

    Ms Guan Xiuling

    Manager, International Department, Chinese Society of Forestry

    Beijing, China

    E-mail: guanxiuling@sina.com

    Ms Li Tianhui

    China Eucalypt Research Center – Chinese Academy of Forestry
    Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524022, China

    E-mail: cerclb@126.com

    Prof Luo Jianzhong

    China Eucalypt Research Center – Chinese Academy of Forestry
    Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524022, China

    E-mail: Luojz69@hotmail.com

    Ms Zhou Qunying

    China Eucalypt Research Center – Chinese Academy of Forestry

    Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524022, China

    E-mail: qyzhou999@sina.com

    Ms Feng Caiyun

    International Department,

    Chinese Society of Forestry

    Beijing, China

    E-mail: bjmaryfeng@163.com

    Ms Chen Xiaofei

    China Eucalypt Research Center – Chinese Academy of Forestry
    Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524022, China

    E-mail: fay14311@163.com

Dr Wei Runpeng – Chairman

Co-ordinator – IUFRO Working Group 2.08.03

Hong Kong

E-mail: weirunpeng@yahoo.com.hk

Prof Luo Jianzhong – Secretary

China Eucalypt Research Centre – Chinese Academy of Forestry

Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524022, China

E-mail: Luojz69@hotmail.com

Prof Wang Huoran
Research Institute of Forestry – Chinese Academy of Forestry

Beijing100091, China

E-mail: wanghr@caf.ac.cn

Dr José Leonardo De Moraes Gon?alves

Department of Forestry Sciences – University of Sao Paulo

13418-900 Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil

E-mail: jlmgonca@usp.br

Dr Tammy Swain

Institute for Commercial Forest Research

Scottsville 3209, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

E-mail: Tammy.Swain@icfr.ukzn.ac.za

Dr Nuno Borralho



E-mail: nunoborralho@sapo.pt

Dr Jolanda Roux

Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI), University of Pretoria

Pretoria 0002, South Africa

E-mail: Jolanda.Roux@up.ac.za

Dr Jose Stape

College of Natural Resources – North Carolina State University

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

E-mail: jlstape@ncsu.edu

Dr Roger Arnold

China Eucalypt Research Center – Chinese Academy of Forestry

Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524022, China

E-mail: roger.arnold@y7mail.com

Dr Simon Southerton

CSIRO Plant Industry

Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

E-mail: Simon.Southerton@csiro.au

Dr Kevin Harding

University of Sunshine Coast,

Sippy Downs, Queensland 4556, Australia

E-mail: kevinh579@yahoo.com.au

Dr Bernard Dell

Murdoch University

Murdoch, Western Australia 6150, Australia

E-mail: B.Dell@murdoch.edu.au

Prof Bai Jiayu

Research Institute of Tropical Forestry – Chinese Academy of Forestry

Guangzhou, Guangdong 510520,China

E-mail: bgawu@qq.com

Prof Richard Harper

Chair in Sustainable Water Management, Murdoch University

Murdoch, Western Australia 6150, Australia

E-mail: R.Harper@murdoch.edu.au

Prof Lü Jianxiong

Research Institute of Wood Industry – Chinese Academy of Forestry

Beijing 100091, China

E-mail: jianxiong@caf.ac.cn

Prof Xu Jianming

Research Institute of Tropical Forestry – Chinese Academy of Forestry

Guangzhou, Guangdong 510520,China

E-mail: jianmxu@163.com

Prof Yaojian Xie

China Eucalypt Research Center

Chinese Academy of Forestry

Zhanjiang, Guangdong


Professor Yaojian Xie is a famous scientist of Eucalypt Research in China. He has been the president ofSub-society of Eucalypt, Chinese Society of Forestry since 2005. He is the director of China EucalyptResearch Center, Chinese Academy of Forestry.

Professor Xie got his MSc. (Forestry) in 1985 and PhD in 2008. He did 1 year visiting research atUpusala Genetic Center, the Swedish University of Agriculture in 1995 and worked 3 months as avisiting professor in Natal University, South Africa in 2003.His main research fields focus on Eucalyptusclone breeding and micropropagation technology.

Professor Xie leads many important national research projects since 1998 including the “10th-5-year-plan” project (2001-2005)—“Research on Breeding and Silviculture of Eucalyptus Plantations for PulpIndustry”, the “11th-5-year-plan” (2006-2010)—“Research on Silvicultural Technology of Eucalyptusand Acacia Plantations”, and the national key project in forestry (2011-2014) —“Research on EcologicalManagement of Eucalyptus plantation and Technology Promotion of Eucalyptus Industry”. He haspublished more than 90 papers and 6 books. He was awarded 3 provincial scientific progress prizes, 2ministry prizes (Liang Xi Forestry Research Prize) and 1 national scientific progress prize from 2003 to2014.

Prof. Mike Wingfield

Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI)

Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Sciences

University of Pretoria,

Pretoria 0002,South Africa

Email: mike.wingfield@fabi.up.ac.za

Prof Mike Wingfield, is the Director of the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, andconcurrently is also President of IUFRO. He has conducted research on tree pests and pathogens especially concerning their global movement for more than thirty years. His highly cited research in thisfield, conducted in many different countries of the world but with a clear focus on Africa, has led to thediscovery of some of the most important pathogens of trees grown commercially in plantations. Basedon his research reputation, he has been a long term advisor of many major forestry corporations inSouth Africa and globally.

He has also played as an advisor to numerous Ph.D. and M.S. students, and he has been heavilyinvolved in providing education opportunities for students, capturing his deep commitment to researchand education particularly in the developing world. He was responsible for establishing the TreeProtection Co-operative Programme (TPCP) in 1990 to minimise the impact of pests and pathogensthreatening commercial forestry in South Africa. This was the catalyst for the establishment in 1998 ofthe Forestry and Agricultural

Biotechnology Institute (FABI; www.fabinet.up.ac.za) of which he was the founding director. FABI hasrapidly gained substantial international recognition for research excellence and the post graduate education of large numbers of students, from many different countries and many also fromdisadvantaged backgrounds.

Prof. Wingfield has published widely on the topic of tree health in more than 600 research papers, fivebooks and he has presented many invited plenary addresses and other public lectures globally.

Prof. Jolanda Roux
Field Extension Pathologist
Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology
DST/NRF Centre for Tree Health Biotechnology (CTHB)
Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI)
Tree Protection Co-operative Programme (TPCP)
University of Pretoria
Hatfield, Pretoria
South Africa


Prof. Jolanda Roux is currently the field extension officer who is responsible for presenting field days toforesters, training them in disease and pest recognition and management aspects. The position also involves the early identification of new pest and disease problems in South Africa.

Prof. Jolanda Roux received an award as Exceptional Young Scientist from the University of Pretoria,was the winner of the distinguished young women in science award of the DST in South Africa,received the Queens Award in Forestry from the Commonwealth Forestry Association and recentlyreceived an award from the National Science and Technology Forum of South Africa for capacitybuilding.Her current NRF rating is a B2.

Prof. Richard Harper

Chair of Sustainable Water Management

Leader (Dept Head) of Agriculture at Murdoch University


Western Australia 6150,



Prof. Richard Harper has a B.Sc. Agric. (Hons) and PhD, both from the University of Western Australia and worked on Western Australian Government forestry and climate change mitigation programs. Hejoined Murdoch in 2009 and has developed a research program investigating the use of carbon mitigation investment to drive landscape scale change in soil and water management.

Recent publications have explored both the science and policy aspects of climate mitigation, using bioenergy, reforestation or soil amendments. This includes new approaches that enhanceenvironmental co-benefits particularly in relation to soil and water management where there are manylong-standing, intractable problems.

The impacts of carbon mitigation on food security and the extension of market-based approaches toother environmental problems have also been investigated.

He was a lead author on the recent IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (WGIII) chapter on itigation using Agriculture, Forestry and other Land-Uses (AFOLU), is a visiting Professor with the Chinese Academyof Forestry, a member of the Australian Council of Agricultural Deans and the Australian EmissionsReduction Assurance Committee.

Dr. Kevin Harding

University of Sunshine Coast,

Sippy Downs, Queensland 4556, Australia

E-mail: kevinh579@yahoo.com.au

Dr Kevin Harding holds an undergraduate B.Sc. (Forestry) from the Australian National University(1975-78)and a PhD from North Carolina State University (1991-95). His professional career inForestry has focused on plantation wood quality research in Pinus, Araucaria, Eucalyptus and otherminor species programs in Australia, China and the USA.

He lead the Queensland state government Wood Quality Improvement Research team from 1983 untilthe late 2000’s and lead the Forestry Research group in 2011 and 2012 before retiring from theQueensland state government. He worked in China as a short term advisor on the Dongmen project in1987-89 and on an ACIAR project in 2005-2009. He has visited and/or worked with Guangxi FRI,CERC and RITF in recent years including as an invited foreign expert at GFRI in 2013 and 2014. From1987 to 2014 he has spent more than 9 months in China over 10 visits.

He is excited by the growth and success of the eucalypt plantation programs in China and their greatpotential to produce high quality wood products. The ongoing friendships forged during the Dongmen,ACIAR and other projects are very highly valued and have underpinned high quality research outcomesvalued in both China and Australia.

Dr. Siming Gan
Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

E-mail: siming_gan@126.com

Dr. Siming Gan is a professor in tree biotechnology at Research Institute of Tropical Forestry(RITF),Chinese Academy of Forestry. He received a Ph.D. in tree genetics and breeding in 1999 atNanjing Forestry University. Since then he has been working as the head for tree biotechnology atRITF.

His research interests involve molecular dissection of complex traits and development of functional DNA markers applicable for practical breeding in hardwood species, in Eucalyptus in particular. His research is aimed at unraveling the genomics mechanisms underlying economically and/or ecologically important quantitative traits of trees.

His running projects are focusing on identification of candidate genes controlling growth, woodproperties and insect resistance through linkage mapping and association analysis approaches.

Professor Bernard Dell

Murdoch University


Prof. Bernard Dell is Director of Research at Murdoch University, with special responsibility forinternational research partnerships with China. He began his career in plant nutrition specializing inmicronutrients limiting the productivity of plantation species and field crops. He then collaborated withCAF and CSIRO on the use of beneficial fungi, balanced fertilization and improved silviculture onmaximizing the productivity of eucalypt plantations in China and Australia.

He pioneered studies on micronutrients and eucalypts in Australia and Asia and established operationalprocedures for the diagnosis of nutrient imbalances in plantations. More recently his work hascontributed to forest protection, and the silviculture of rare and valuable trees. Prof. Dell hasundertaken field work in south China in collaboration with CAF since 1990.

He has been Visiting Professor to CAF from 2003 and was awarded a Friendship Award by the PRC in2014 for his contribution to the economic development of China. In the region, he has trained over 50PhD students, run training workshops into many aspects of forestry, and continues to advise theforestry sector on the management of Australian trees in plantations. He has published 9 books, 26book chapters, and over 200 refereed journal papers.

Dr Tammy Swain

Programme Manager: Tree Improvement Research

Institute for Commercial Forestry Research (ICFR)

Pietermaritzburg 3201

South Africa


Dr Tammy Swain has 20 years’ experience in Forestry Tree Improvement and has recently beenawarded her PhD, focused on developing an advanced generation breeding programme for Eucalyptusnitens using quantitative genetics.

Her research interests lie in tree improvement in temperate eucalypt species as well as the testing andimprovement of alternative eucalypt species, both of which have led to some experience in site andspecies matching. As a limitation to deployment of certain improved temperate eucalypts is poor seedproduction, Dr Swain has developed knowledge of the factors impacting on flower bud and seedproduction, and manipulation thereof to increase flower and seed production, through managingresearchers and projects in these areas. Her own research has led to improved knowledge and skills in seed orchard management in these species.

José Leonardode Moraes Gon?alves


Depto. Ciências Florestais



Professor of Forest Soils and Nutrition in the department of Forest Sciences at the "Luiz de Queiroz"College of Agriculture, University of S?o Paulo. He has undertaken extensive research on soil fertility,site preparation, and plant nutrition, focusing on the tropical and subtropical eucalypt and pineplantations. His long term research has focused on to adaptation of genotypes to water and nutritionalstresses, and how to manage the ecosystem for sustained production of wood and non-wood valuesfrom planted forests. He is program manager of the Cooperative Research Program of Forestry andManagement at the Institute of Forest Research and Study.

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