Tree Breeding and Genetics

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 1) Tree Breeding and Genetics


Key Research Areas

Eucalypt domestication and eucalypt breeding, including: pulp yield improvement; improvement of high-value timber quality and yields; selection and breeding for improved adaptation and productivity in cold and/or lower rainfall environments.


Academic Leader and Work Experience

Luo Jianzhong – PhD, Senior Engineer, Director of the Genetics and Breeding Research. Since graduating in 1992, he has presided over and participated in more than 20 research projects, published over 30 scientific papers and won several awards. He has served as a deputy director of various divisions within CERC and now serves on the Executive Committee of the China Eucalypt Breeding Alliance (CEBA).


Members of the research team

Roger Arnold – PhD, Senior Research Scientist

Lu Wanhong – MSc, Engineer

Lin Yan – MSc, Engineer

Wang Chubiao – MSc, assistant Engineer

Yang Guili – MSc student

The main research topics currently engaged in

A key focus of CERC’s tree breeding work is the development of advanced generation breeding populations and production of superior hybrid clones from selected plus trees of the pure species. Key selection objectives/traits for various populations/varieties include improvement of plantation pulp yield and quality, improved wind resistance and improved cold resistance. A major part of CERC’s breeding work is undertaken as part of the China Eucalypt Breeding Alliance’s collaborative program which focuses on producing of improved hybrid clones for warmer regions of southern China.


Research projects currently being implemented include:

1. National Science and Technology Support Project: breeding new varieties of high yielding, high quality Eucalyptus for solid wood production;

2. State Forestry Administration technology introduction project: frost climate chamber for selection of cold hardy Eucalyptus varieties

3. Special funds for basic research projects and operating expenses of nonprofit research institutes: selection of Eucalyptus clones for genetic diversity and resilience

4. State Forestry Administration scientific research project: Regional testing of new Eucalyptus varieties

5. State Forestry Administration standards project: plant testing guidelines for new varieties and development of a database of known Eucalyptus species and varieties


Technical cooperation

1. Eucalyptus pulpwood, large-diameter timber species transfer of genetic material and seed orchard building.

2. Eucalyptus wood density and fiber quality determination.

3. Rapid determination and evaluation of the genetic quality of Eucalyptus species/varieties

4. Compilation and analyses of historical Eucalyptus trial data

5. Evaluation of Eucalyptus seed quality.

6. Eucalyptus dwarf breeding techniques.

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