Ornamental Plants & Horticulture

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3) Ornamental Plants and horticulture


Key Research Area

Applied Research on Landscaping Plants


Academic Leader and Work Experience

Zhang Guowu – PhD, Senior Engineer. Dr Zhang is an accredited MSc instructor of the Chinese Society of Forestry and also a qualified senior landscape architect. He has presided over and/or participated in over 20 major research projects including: efficient production of "National Science and Technology Support Project on foliage plants; and key technology research and demonstrations for Camellia species, fir species, and Eucalyptus species. He has also authored over 10 papers, including two award winning papers.


Members of the research team:

Fang Liang – BSc, Engineer;

He Guoda – BSc, Engineer;

Liu Xuefeng – MSc, Assistant Engineer


Main current research areas

1. Safe and efficient production of foliage plants of the "National Science and Technology Support Project Key Technology Research and Demonstration";

2. Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology Project on meteorological disasters and forest ecological impacts.


Technical cooperation

1. Landscape design and construction;

2. Economic tree cultivation techniques;

3. Pachira and Akira umbrella maple cultivation techniques;

4. Efficient tree transplanting techniques;

5. High-grade cultivation of flowers.

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