Plantation Silviculture

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2) Plantation Silviculture


Key Research Areas

Eucalyptus plantation silviculture


Academic Leader and Work Experience

Chen Shaoxiong – PhD, Professor of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Institute for New Technologies. Prof. Chen has been a key participant in five National Research projects including “National 948” Projects and Ministry of Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Projects. He has presided over and participated in international cooperation projects and received numerous awards including: a State Forestry Administration ‘Science and Technology Progress Award’ in 1999 for work on optimum cultivation patterns for eucalypt pulpwood; and, a Guangdong Provincial People's Government ‘Technology Award’ in 2002 for Eucalyptus pulpwood species breeding and cultivation techniques. He has also edited and published four books and over 50 papers.


Members of the research team

Li Tianhui – MSc, Senior Engineer;

Zhou Qunying – BSc, Engineer;

Li Hui – MSc, Researcher;

Liu Guocui – MSc student;

Zhang Lili – MSc student.


The main research topics currently engaged in

1. National project: key technology research and demonstration for fast growing Eucalyptus and Acacia plantations;

2. State Forestry Administration technology introduction project: the introduction and breeding of Eucalyptus for bioenergy;

3. Ministry of Science and Technology Project: cultivation of large-diameter Eucalyptus for solid timber production;

4. Guangdong Provincial Forestry Innovation Project: Eucalyptus breeding and efficient cultivation technology research and demonstration;

5. Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province: long-term plantation sustainability;

6. Cultivation of Eucalyptus for bioenergy and evaluation of wood calorific values of key varieties.


Technical cooperation

1. Cultivation technologies for fast-growing high-yielding Eucalyptus plantations;

2. Fertilizers and fertilizer technology for Eucalyptus plantations;

3. Cultivation techniques for achieving large-diameter Eucalyptus timber;

4. Cultivation techniques for optimizing Eucalyptus biomass for bioenergy;

5. Economic evaluation of eucalypt plantations


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