Modern Propagation Technologies

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5) Modern Propagation Technologies



Academic Leader and Work Experience

Peng Yan – MSc, senior engineer. Peng Yan has presided over and/or participated in numerous national "research" projects, national "948 Projects, Ministry of Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Projects and three international cooperation projects. In 2003 he received a Guangdong Provincial People's Government Technology Award in 2003 for work he had undertaken on Eucalyptus pulp timber species breeding and cultivation techniques. He has published over 10 journal papers and been involved in editing and publishing two books.


Members of the research team

Gao Liqiong – BSc, Senior Engineer.

Shang Xiuhua – MSc, Engineers.

Zhang Peijian – MSc, Assistant Engineer.


The main research topics currently engaged in

1. National Project: research and demonstration of safe and efficient technologies for foliage plant propagation;

2. Ministry of Science and Technology project: development and demonstration of light organic substrate technology in forest tree nurseries;

3. Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Agency project: research and demonstration of organic substrate production technologies for Eucalyptus seedling nurseries.


Areas of technical cooperation

1. Designs for commercial forest tree seedling nurseries;

2. light organic substrate processing technologies;

3. light matrix mesh bag and cells/trays for forest tree seedlings;

4. tissue culture of technologies for forest tree seedlings and ornamental species;

5. flower hormone regulation;

6. light matrix matching nursery seedling trays and cups.

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