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6) Ecology



Eucalyptus plantation ecosystem hydrology; Eucalyptus plantation biodiversity; Eucalyptus plantation soil fertility changes; Eucalyptus plantation carbon sequestration efficiency and cost accounting


Academic leader and work experience

Du Apeng – PhD, Engineer. Before joining CERC in 2009, Dr Du participated in numerous projects including National Natural Science Foundation projects, a Ministry of Science and Technology Project, a Ministry of Science and Social Welfare special project, and State Key basic research and development projects. Dr Du has authored over 10 journal papers.


Members of the research team

Wu Zhihua – MSc, Senior engineer;

Zhang Jing – MSc, Engineer;

Wang Zhichao – MSc, Assistant Engineer;


Main current research areas

Science and technology projects of Guangdong Province focusing on ecology and soils of Eucalyptus plantations.


Technical cooperation

1. Eucalyptus plantation soil moisture and fertilizer management techniques

2. Eucalyptus plantation carbon sequestration costs and effectiveness of carbon accounting technology

3. Agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry management techniques in Eucalyptus plantations

4. Eucalyptus plantation eco-efficiency evaluation techniques

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