Peng Yan

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Scientist Profile

Name: Peng Yan

TITLE: Senior Engineer



    MSc, from Central South Forestry University





    Wood processing and utilization;

    Industrialized Breeding Technique


Peng Yan was appointed as Assistant Director of China Eucalypt Research Center. He had been a frequent visiting fellow to CSIRO and University of Pretoria.


Representative projects

1. New Products and Processing Technology for Eucalypt Plantation

2. Improving the Value Chain for Plantation-grown Eucalypt Sawn Wood in China,Vietnam and Australia: Sawing and Drying

3. Research and Demonstration on Key Techniques of Safe and Efficient Production of Ornamental

4. Improving the Value chain for Plantation-grown Eucalypt Sawn Wood in China,Vietnam and Australia: Genetics and Silviculture

5. Research on New techniques and products for Eucalyptus wood

6. Research on industrial seedling techniques

7. Research on light media seedling


Participated Projects

1. Introduction of Modern Nursery Techniques

2. Silviculture techniques of pulpwood for Eucalypt plantations

3. Introduction of Rare Species of Eucalypts

4. Extension of Improved Eucalypt Species and Silviculture Techniques

5. Research on Optimum Cultivation Patterns of pulpwood for Eucalypts

6. Techniques of improved Eucalypt species selection and high yield silviculture


Academic Achievement (Honors)

Four projects won provincial-level award, and one won local scientific award, three passed appraisal and another two got new species certificates. Three patents including CN101253845A/CN102173891A/ CN101253835A are held by Peng.


Representative Publications

Peng Yan has published more than 10 papers and was apart in writing 3 books.



1. JIANG Ying, PENG Yan, LI Zhihui, WU Zhihua, REN Shiqi, Effects of Paclobutrazol, Uniconazole and Chlorcholinchiorid on Dwarfing of Zamiocuicasz amiifolia. Acta Horticulturae Sinica, 2010, 37(5), Peng as a corresponding author

2. JIANG Ying, PENG Yan, LI Zhihui, REN Shiqi, Effects of plant growth regulators on cold tolerance of Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Pratacultural Science, 2010, 27(9), Peng as a corresponding author

3. SHANG Xiuhua, XIE Yaojian, PENG yan, ZHANG Peijian, The effect of matured compost Eucalyptus-bark media on Eucalyptus seedlings, Journal of Central South University of Forestry & Technology, 2011, 31(6), Peng as a corresponding author



1. Cultivation techniques of container seedlings of Forest,China Agriculture publishing, 2008

2. Past dark willows and flowers in bloom lies another village - Eucalyptus research and development when facing the financial crisis, editor, China Forestry Publishing, 2010

3. Wood properties, processing and utilization of Eucalyptus and Acacia plantations in China, Science publishing, 2007

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