Liu Jiefeng

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Name: Liu Jiefeng

Title: Senior Engineer

Position: Director of China Eucalypt Research Center(CERC)



Liu Jiefeng is the expert of research and management on forestry technology. He has been the director of China Eucalypt Research Center since 2004. He worked forChinese Academy of Forestry as a secretary of the Communist Youth League, administrative director from 1979 to 2004. He was also appointed as the associate director of Eucalypt Technical Committee, associate editor of the Journal titled Eucalypt Science & Technology, chairman of China Eucalypts Breeding Alliance.


Representative Projects

1. Introduction of Eucalypts for Bio-energy

2. Introduction of Modern Nursery Techniques

3. Introduction of Sustainable Land Management Techniques for Eucalypt Plantation

4. Regional Test of Eucalypt New Varieties: Xin ’an No.1 and No.2

5. Improving the Value Chain for Plantation-grown Eucalypt Sawn Wood inChina,Vietnam and Australia: Genetics and Silviculture

6. Improving the Value Chain for Plantation-grown Eucalypt Sawn Wood inChina,Vietnam and Australia: Sawing and Drying  



1. Papers:

1) CHEN Shao-xiong, LIU Jie-feng,Scientific Management and Continuely Improving Breeding,the Magic Key of Leading Brazilian Eucalypt Plantation in the World,Eucalypt Science & Technology, 2012,29(1): 1-12

2) LIU Jie-feng, Present Status and Trends in Development of Eucalypt Research in China, Eucalypt Science & Technology, 2009,26(2):51-61

3) CHEN Shao-xiong, LIU Jie-feng, SUN Zheng-jun, WU Zhi-hua, Superiority, Situation and Potential of Eucalyptus for Bioenergy, Biomass Chemical Engineering,2006,S1:119-128.

4) LIU Jie-feng, Technological Management——the Key to the Breeding and Seedling Nursing with Equipment, Eucalypt Science & Technology, 2005,02:49-50.

2. Books:

1) Trials and hardships in 40 years - Activities report of Eucalypt Technical Committee of Chinese Society of Forestry ,China Forestry Publishing, 2012

2) Eucalyptus research in China for 30 years(1981-2010), associate editor, China Forestry Publishing, 2011

3) Past dark willows and flowers in bloom lies another village - Eucalyptus research and development when facing the financial crisis,associate editor, China Forestry Publishing, 2010

4) Study of Eucalyptus in Early 21st Century,associate editor, China Forestry Publishing, 2006


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