Du Apeng

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Scientist Profile

Name: Du Apeng

Title: Junior Engineer



BSc, from College of Forestry, Agricultural, University of Hebei

MSc, from College of Forestry, Agricultural, University ofHebei

PhD, from InstituteofForest Ecology, Environment and protection,Chinese Academyof Forestry



Ecological Hydrology

Forest Ecology



Contact: dapzj@163.com


Dr Du joined China Eucalypt Research Center in 2009.He was appointed as the leader of the Ecology Group. He is mainly engaged in the hydrology, soil fertility change, carbon sequestration and other ecological positioning study for Eucalyptus plantations.

Dr Du is responsible for the preliminary design of the Eucalyptus plantation ecosystem research station project, and also the infrastructure tendering, location and construction, applications for imported equipment and bidding for equipment.


Participated Projects

1. Integrated Technology of Eucalypt Medium/Large Diameter Wood Production

2. Introduction of Sustainable Land Management Techniques for Eucalypt Plantation

3. Sustainable Land Management Techniques for Eucalypt Plantation

4. Key Technical Research on Ecological Management and Upgrading Industries of Eucalypt

5. Demonstration of New Species and Efficient Silviculture Techniques of Eucalypts

6. Technical Regulations of Sustainable Land Management Techniques for Eucalypt Plantation(2010-DB-16), Local Standards of Agriculture (Revision),Guangdong Province

7. Fertilizer standards of Eucalypt, Local Standards of Agriculture (Revision),Guangdong Province



Dr Du has published more than ten papers on Journals such as Forestry Science, Journal of Chinese Soil and Water Conservation, Chinese Journal of Tropical Crops and Eucalypt Science & Technology.

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