Chen Shaoxiong

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Scientist Profile

Name: Chen Shaoxiong

Title: Senior Scientist



Dr. Chen holds a BSc, from Jiangxi Agricultural University, a MSc, from Central South University of Forestry, and a PhD, from Central South University of Forestry and Technology.



Oriented Cultivation Techniques of Fast-growing Forest of Eucalypts

Fertilizer and Fertilization Technique of Eucalypt

Silviculture Techniques of Eucalypt Large Diameter Timber Production

Silviculture Techniques of Eucalypt Bio-energy Plantations

Plantation Resources and Assess of Economic Evaluation


Current activities

Dr Chen Shaoxiong's current research focuses mainly on Silviculture.

He is currently undertaking the major project titled ‘Key Technical Research on Ecological Management and Upgrading Industries of Eucalypt’ and project titled ‘Demonstration on Eucalyptus pruning technology’. He is also responsible for managing scientific research and international cooperation in CERC and is on the Eucalypt Technical Committee of the Chinese Society of Forestry.



Dr Chen joined China Eucalypt Research Centre in 1989 after his graduation from Central South University of Forestry with a degree of MSc. He was appointed as the Manager of R&D Department of CERC and the Secretary-General of Eucalypt Technical Committee of Chinese Society of Forestry. In 1993 he had a two-month in-service training inAustraliaon forest soil research in the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) Queensland. He has also visited Australia on study tours many times during the period from 1999 to 2008.


Representative projects

1. Key Technical Research on Ecological Management and Upgrading Industries of Eucalypt – 2011;

2. Extension of Silvicultural Regimes of Fast-growing E. urophylla × E. grandis for Large Diameter Wood production – 2010

3. Research on Long Effect and Safety of Base Fertilizers – 2008

4. Techniques for Production of Large Diameter Wood Production in Eucalypts – 2007

5. Introduction of Eucalypts for Bio-energy – 2007

6. Techniques for Transforming Eucalypt Species Selection and Silviculture – 2005

7. Demonstration on Efficient Production Techniques for the Production of Large Diameter Timber from Eucalypts – 2005

8. Improving the Value Chain for Plantation-grown Eucalypt Sawn Wood in China,Vietnam and Australia: Genetics and Silviculture – 2005

9. Introduction of Pot-breeding Techniques for Eucalypts – 2003



1. Research and Demonstration on Improvement of Germplasm and Silviculture for Cold Tolerant Eucalypts won the second prize of Liang Xi Forestry Science and Technology Award, ranked ninth, 2011

2. Integrated Technology of Eucalypt Large Diameter Wood Production won the second prize of Agriculture Technology Promotion Award,Guangdong Province, ranked first, 2010

3. Technology of culture density control for E. urophylla × E. grandis as Large Diameter Wood, qualified achievement of Science & technology Bureau of Zhanjiang, ranked first, 2009

4. Pot-breeding Techniques of Eucalypt, Qualified Achievement of Technology Division of the State Forestry Bureau, ranked first, 2008

5. Introduction of Rare Species for Eucalyptus Project won the third prize of Guangdong Agricultural Technology Popularization award, ranked third, 2007

6. Introduction of Rare Species for Eucalyptus Project won the third prize of Science and technology award of Zhanjiang City,Guangdong Province, ranked third, 2007

7. Selection and Silviculture Techniques of Eucalyptus Pulpwood Project won the second prize of Guangdong Science and Technology award, 2004

8. Got the new species certificates of Eucalyptus ‘Xin ’an No.1 and No.2’ from State Forestry Administration, ranked fourth, 2004

9. Introduction of Testing Technique of wood Properties and Cold-tolerant Eucalyptus from South Africa Project won the second prize of Science and technology award ofZhanjiang City,Guangdong Province, 2002

10. Optimum Cultivation Pattern of Eucalyptus Pulpwood Project won the third prize of National Science and Technology Progress award, 1999


Representative Publications

1. Chen S, Arnold RJ, Li Z, Li T, Zhou G & Zhou Q. (2010) Tree and stand growth for clonal E. urophylla x grandis across a range of initial stockings in southern China. New Forests: 41:95–112.

2. Chen S, Wu Z, Li Z, Xie Y, Li T, Zhou & Arnold R. (2010) Selection of eucalypt species for solid wood production in southern China. Journal of Tropical Forest Science: 22(3): 308–316.

3. Economic Analysis of Eucalypt Plantation with Different Initial Spacing, Forest Research, 2008, 21(1):1-6.

4. Past dark willows and flowers in bloom lies another village - Eucalyptus research and development when facing the financial crisis, associate editor, China Forestry Publishing, 2010


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