Roger Arnold

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Scientist Profile

Name: Roger Arnold

Title: Senior Research Scientist



BSc , Australian National University

MSc, North Carolina State University

PhD, North Carolina State University



Forest Tree Genetics

Tree Improvement


Field trial design

Field trial data management and analyses

Eucalypt nursery development and management




Dr Roger Arnold has over 25 years experience of scientific research on genetics & breeding of forest tree species in New Zealand,USA,Australia and China. In Australia he had over 12 years as Senior Research Scientist responsible for breeding of Eucalyptus and Acacia species with CSIRO’s Australian Tree Seed Centre – including development of very successful breeding programs and other R&D projects inAustralia and Asia, and particularly in China and Sri Lanka. During the mid-1980s whilst working with Tasman Forestry in New Zealand, he led the team that developed the world’s first commercial vegetative propagation program for radiata pine. Dr Roger also has deep experience of close collaboration with Chinese scientists – from 1994 to 2006 he was a frequent visitor to China to work on collaborative scientific research projects, and in 2006 he moved to China to work here full time on applied eucalypt R&D.


Current activities

Dr Roger is currently working on creating advanced, cold-tolerant eucalypt hybrid clones for use in cooler regions of southern China; developing means for rapid, high-tech early selection of superior eucalypt hybrid genotypes; and researching the development of China’s eucalypt veneer industry.


Current situation & work team

Dr Arnold is a key member of the eucalypt tree improvement and genetics team at the China Eucalypt Research Centre and also provides significant input to the silviculture, tree health and other teams at the Centre. Together with the tree improvement team he is working on establishing large, advanced generation breeding populations for key eucalypt species in southern China – these species include both tropical and subtropical species as well as a range of cold tolerant eucalypts for cooler regions of southern China. The team will soon be selecting superior advanced generation plus-trees from these populations to use as parents for generating new superior hybrids – selection among these hybrids will produce new clones for deployment in commercial plantations. As part of this work, the team is working to develop NIRA techniques for rapid assessment of a range of wood and physiological traits, to enable more efficient early selection of superior genotypes.




Dr Roger joined Tasman Forestry Ltd. as a research forester after he graduated from Australian National University with a degree of BSc in 1982. Later he worked as a research assistant in North Carolina State University during his period study for MSc & PhD degrees. In 1990 he was a visiting scientist in Convenio de Mejoramiento Genetico UACH-CONAF-Empresas Forestales in CHILE and in 1994 Dr Arnold joined the Australian Tree Seed Centre, CSIRO Forestry, as a senior research scientist after completing his PhD degree. After 12 years with CSIRO, Dr Roger was appointed as tree improvement management of APRIL Forestry/RGM International, based in Fujian China, from 2006 to 2009. Currently, he is an honorary senior fellow of Department of Forest & Ecosystem Science,University of Melbourne and since 2009 Dr Roger has been a senior research scientist in China Eucalypt Research Centre,Chinese Academy of Forestry.



University Period:

* Certificate of Achievement, NCSU Leadership Development Series - April 1992

* Henderson Fellowship - Institute of Foresters of Australia- 1991/92

* Baruch Forest Science Institute Award - 1991 (for best poster presented at 21st Southern Tree Improvement Conference,USA)

Work Period:


 In appreciation of Dr Roger’s hard work and great achievements in China, the Governments of Hunan ,Guangxi and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs conferred on him awards as followings:

* 'XiaoXiang Friendship' Award 2006 - Hunan Provincial Government,China

* 'Jin Xiu Qiu' Award 2003 - Guangxi Provincial Government,China

* 'International Science and Technology Cooperation' Award 2002 - Hunan Provincial Government,China

* 'China Government Friendship Award 2012' - State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of P.R.China


Completed Projects

1. Seeds of Australian Trees Project - Multi Country Project,Asia, AUS$3.8 M, as a project Scientist, responsible for project activities in Philippines & Sri Lanka, 1993-1999.

2. ATSC support to the UNDP FORTIP Project, AUS$1.0 M, as a project Scientist - design & establishment of field trials, development & delivery of training programs in thePhilippines, 1994-1999.

3. Estate Forest and Water Resources Development Project, SRI LANKA, US$4.0 M, as a project Scientist - providing scientific advice and training on species & seed selection, silviculture and utilisaiton,1998-2005.

4. China-Australia Cold Tolerant Eucalypt Project, AUS$5.0 M, as a project Manager - planning project activities, managing implementation, compiling reports, providing training, 1999-2004.

5. Domestication of Australian Trees Project, AUS$2.4 M, as a project Scientist - providing scientific advice and training on species & seed selection, silviculture and utilization, 2000-2004.

6. Seed and Information Support to Farm Forestry in Australia, AUS$1.5 M, as a project Scientist - design & establishment of field trials, development & delivery of training programs, 2001-2004.



Representative Papers

1. Arnold RJ*, Jett JB, & Allen HL. (1992) Identification of nutritional influences on cone production in Fraser fir. Soil Science Society ofAmericaJournal. 56:586-591.

2. Arnold RJ*, Jett JB, & McKeand SE (1994a). Natural variation and genetic parameters in Fraser fir for growth and Christmas tree traits. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 24(7):1480-1486.

3. Arnold RJ*, Jett JB & Huxster WT (1995) Relationship ofU.S.Department of Agricultural Grades to the Value of Fraser Fir Christmas Trees. HortScience. 30(2):369-373.

4. Arnold RJ* (1990) Control pollinated radiata pine seed – a comparison of seedling and cutting options for large-scale deployment. New Zealand Forestry. 35(3):12-17.

5. Arnold RJ* & Midgley SJ (1995) Conserving biodiversity - the Australian Tree Seed Centre’s work provides a model research, conservation and education program. Commonwealth Forestry Review. 74(2):121-128.

6. Arnold RJ*, Johnson IG & Owen JV (2004) Genetic variation in growth, stem straightness and wood properties in Eucalyptus dunnii trials in northernNew South Wales. Forest Genetics. 11(1):1-12.


Books & Chapters


            1.Arnold, R.J., Luo, J. & Clarke, B. 2004. Trials of cold tolerant eucalypt species in cooler regions of south central China. ACIAR Technical Report No. 57. ACIAR:Canberra. 106 p.

2. Arnold R, Bush D & Stackpole D. (2005) Genetic variation and tree improvement. In:Nambiar S &FergusonI (eds.) New Forests – wood production and environmental services.Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing. p. 25-49.

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4. Arnold RJ & Luo J (2003) Cold tolerant plantation eucalypts for south centralChina. In: Wei, R.P. and Xu, D. (eds.). Eucalypt Plantations – research, management and development.Singapore: World Scientific. pp. 90-101.


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