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1, Establishment of Eucalyptus pellita 1st generation Seed Orchard (with Zhangzhou Forestry Bureau);

2, Selection and Breeding New Products for Huizhou (with Huizhou Nanyou Forestry Economic Development Co., Ltd.);

3, Fertilizer Experiments for Zhongfei (Heyuan) (with Zhongfei (Heyuan) Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd.);

4, Fertilizer Experiments For Dayi (with Dayi Agricultural Co., Ltd.);

5, Sustainable Management Research of Eucalyptus Plantations (with Leizhou Forestry Bureau);

6, Technical Services (Light Media) (with Zhongshan Forest Farm);

7, Eucalyptus Nursery Construction Technology (with Chenming Paper);

8, Technical Training (with Shenzhen Jiulingshan Forest Farm);

9, Technical Services (with Guangxi Stora Enso);

10, Medical and Marine Biotechnology Research (with Hubei Huite Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.);

11, Technical Services and Cooperation (with Shenzhen Guoshang Forestry Development Co., Ltd.);

12, Selecting Eucalyptus Species and Provenances suited for both Oil and Timber (with Guiyang Haifeng Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.).

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