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Genetic variation in growth, cold tolerance and coppicing in Eucalyptus dunnii trials in Hunan,China.  

Australian Forestry 75(4): in press

Li B, Arnold RJ, Luo J, Li Z.


Genetic variation in growth and stem straightness in Eucalyptus saligna trials in Fujian.  

Australian Forestry 75(3): in press

Lan H, Huang X, Luo J, Arnold RJ


Variation In Pulp Wood Traits Between Eucalypt Clones Across Sites And Implications For Deployment Strategies.

 Journal of Tropical Forest Science

 24(1): 70–82

Luo JZ, Arnold RJ, Cao JG, et al.


Growth response and wound occlusion in pruned Corymbia torelliana.

 Journal of Tropical Forest Science

 24(2): 187-197

Liu Q, Chen SX, Li ZH, Arnold RJ.


Association between enzyme activity levels in Eucalyptus clones and their susceptibility to the gall wasp, Leptocybe invasa, in south China.

 Journal ofTropical Forest Science

 24(2): 256–264

Chang RL, Arnold RJ, Zhou XD.


Tree and stand growth for clonal E. urophylla × grandis across a range of initial stocking in southern China

          New Forests


Chen SX, Arnold RJ, Li ZH.


Eucalypt diseases and their management in China

Australian Plant Pathology


Zhou XD,Michael Wingfield


High population diversity and increasing importance of the Eucalyptus stem canker pathogen, Teratosphaeria zuluensis, in South China

Australian Plant Pathology

40: 197-206

Chen SF, Barnes  I, Chungu D, Roux J, Wingfield MJ, Xie YJ, Zhou XD.


Characterization of Botryosphaeriaceae from plantation-grown Eucalyptus species in Southern China

Plant Pathology 60(4):739-751

Chen SF, Pavlic D, Roux J, Slippers  B, Xie YJ, Wingfield  MJ, Zhou X.


Novel species of Calonectria associated with Eucalyptus leaf blight in Southeast China

Persoonia 26(1):1-12

Chen SF,LombardL, Roux J, Xie YJ, Wingfield MJ, Zhou XD.


Novel species of Celoporthe from Eucalyptus and Syzygium trees in China and Indonesia

Mycologia 103(6):1384-1410

Chen SF, Gryzenhout M, Roux J, Xie YJ, Wingfield MJ, Zhou XD.


Discovery of Ophiostoma tsotsi on Eucalyptus wood chips in China

Mycoscience 52,(2):111-118

Grobbelaar  JW, DeBeer ZW, Bloomer P, Wingfield MJ, Zhou XD, Wingfield BD


Genetic variation and age–age correlations of Eucalyptus grandis at Dongmen Forest Farm in southern China

Australian Forestry 73(2):67-80

Luo J, Zhou G, Wu D, Chen D, Cao J, Lu W, Pegg RE, Arnold RJ


Characterisation of synnematous bark beetle-associated fungi from China, including Graphium carbonarium sp.nov.

Fungal Diversity 40(1):75-88

Paciura  D, Zhou XD., De Beer  ZW, Jacobs  K, Ye H, Wingfield  MJ


Calonectria species associated with cutting rot of Eucalyptus.

Persoonia 24:1-11

Lombard L, Zhou XD, Crous PW, Wingfield BD, Wingfield MJ.


Identification and Pathogenicity of Chrysoporthe cubensis on Eucalyptus and Syzygium spp. in South China

Plant Disease 94(9):1143-1150

Gryzenhout M, Roux J, Xie YJ, Wingfield MJ, Zhou XD


Selection of species for solid wood production in Southern China

Journal ofTropical Forest Science 22(3):308-316

Chen SX , Wu ZH, Li ZH, Xie YJ, Li TH, Zhou QY, Arnold RJ.


Ophiostomatoid fungi associated with the invasive pine-infesting bark beetle, Dendroctonus valens, in China

Fungal Diversity (5):133-145

Lu M, Zhou XD, De Beer,Z.W.


Diseases of eucalypt plantations inChina: challenges and opportunities

Fungal Diversity 32 :1-7

Zhou XD, Xie YJ, Chen SX, Wingfield MJ


Leptographium bhutanense sp. nov., associated with the root collar weevil Hylobitelus chenkupdorjii on Pinus wallichiana in Bhutan

Persoonia 21: 1-8

Zhou XD, Jacobs K, Kirisits T, Chhetri DB, Wingfield  MJ


High inter-continental migration rates and population admixture in thesapstain fungus Ophiostoma ips.

Molecular Ecology 16: 89-99,

Zhou XD, Burgess TI, DeBeer W, et al


DNA-based identification of Quambalaria piterka causing severe leaf blight of Corymbia citriodora in China

Fungal Diversity 25: 245-254

Zhou XD, Jacobs K, Chhetri, DB, Kirisits T, Wingfield MJ


Genetic variation in growth and typhoon resistance in Eucalyptus pellita in south-western China.

Australian Forestry  69(1):38–47

Luo JZ, Arnold RJ, Aken K.


Seed source variation for growth in Eucalyptus dunnii; results from trials in China

Australian Forestry 62(2):120–127

Wang GX, Arnold RJ,GardinerCA, Zhang J, Wu Z.

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